Air Valve Chambers

The air valve chamber is a sectionalized structure designed and developed to provide the industry with a high quality, accurate and long lasting method of erecting chambers. Incorporating specially designed step irons, the chambers are easy to install, can be made watertight and can be erected in hours rather than days.

All units are fitted with lifting sockets to facilitate safe, easy and effective handling. All units are manufactured with interlocking joints.

Section Dimentions Length
Small Chamber 2000 x 2000 500 1650 *150
Small Roof 2300 x 2300   1850 **150
Medium Chamber 2500 x 3000 500 2230 *150
Medium Roof 2800 x 3300   2660 **150
Large Chamber 2500 x 4000 500 2611 *150
Large Roof 2800 x 4300   4674 **150

* Wall thickness
** Roof thickness

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Air Valve Chambers
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Air Valve Chambers